Two care packages. In white basket there is, grey slippers, Sudoku, nail clippers and file. In the grey basket, blue slippers, toothpaste and brush, and deodorant.

Care Packages

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These care packages are perfect to send to those that are staying in the hospital, or to the essential workers that are still fighting. 

They offer a wide range of essential that patients need that they may not have brought with them. 

In the basket, you may find Sudoku, Crossword puzzle, slippers, nail clippers, hand cream, lip chap, toothbrush & paste, and deodorant.  

There are four different price ranges you can choose from. As the price increases, the number of items included in the basket may grow. 

While in the checkout, please note the name of the patient you would like the item delivered to or the name of the worker and their department.

PLEASE NOTE: You can make a suggestion during the checkout of any candy or chips that you'd like to be added to the basket. However, the patient that it is being sent to cannot have diabetes or have food restrictions.